Embassy of Portugal in Timor-Leste

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Message from the Ambassador


I would like to express my personal greetings and welcomes to the official website of the Portuguese Embassy in Dili, Timor-Leste.

It is to me a great honour to fulfil the role of Ambassador to Portugal in Timor-Leste, a country with which we have a long and privileged relationship, going back as far as five centuries, when the first Portuguese, missionaries and merchants, arrived in Lifau, Oe-cusse, in 1515. It is therefore our mission to honour, preserve and cultivate our countries’ centuries-long bond.

We wish this a useful, appealing and dynamic place to all its users, be it those who seek information on topics relating to Portugal or those who wish to communicate with us, on the grounds of becoming familiar with the activities we undertake and the services we perform throughout the various areas of public administration.

We wish this to be a space for promotion, information, disclosure and, above all, dialogue and approach between citizens, companies and institutions of both countries, in the service of both Portuguese and Timorese. We encourage all to feel free to send us any personal opinions, comments and suggestions, either by establishing direct contact with us or by email.


Manuel Gonçalves de Jesus